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People, get ready, Jesus is coming! It is not OK with me that of the nearly 7 billion people now living on planet Earth, only 1 billion are born again! That means 6 billion will spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire. Did you know that only 4% of those age 25 and under now attend church in America?


I just returned from a ministry trip to the South Pacific.
When I shared that abortion is legal in America and that since 1973 we've "legally" murdered 50 million of our babies it was complete shock for the people I ministered to in the South Pacific. Their jaws hit the floor when I shared that we also took prayer out of our schools back in 1963. I want to welcome you now to what my web site is about. Thank God He has a mercy strategy amongst our backsliddenness!

It's called day and night prayer! Did you know that God is moving powerfully right NOW, transforming entire villages all over the South Pacific? Did you know that globally there are over 1000 transformed communities but NOT one in the United States of America? Jesus Christ is the only solution to our dilemma. Welcome to my little journey into the knowledge of a lovesick God who is shouting "I WANT TO COME TO MY HOUSE OF PRAYER" Does anybody care?


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