Hello Everyone! Again and again God asks me to do not what I can, but what I cannot. Ever been there? I'm specifically referring to the last 16 years of my life since saying yes to living by faith as a full time prayer missionary here at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City but also including my many ministry assignments to the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu.

God's Word says, "A broken and a contrite God will not despise" In fact, may I be so bold as to declare that God only uses broken things? For example, Jesus took the little boys bread and after breaking it; then the multitudes were fed. The alabaster box was broken; only then could it's fragrance escape and fill the house and the world. Jesus said, "This is My body which was broken for you." So should not we follow His example?

God has likewise broken my heart for the poor and the oppressed in the Solomon Islands. God burdened my heart to help more people in the Solomon Islands to receive clean drinking water. But for a low income "prayer guy" sending another Tractor and well drilling equipment this year seemed impossible. The vision for Munda was cast in November of 2014. These past two years has certainly been a season of many miracles. May God get all the glory as I share a few:

Amazing Testimonies That Nothing Is Impossible With God.

In November of 2014 I started praying "God give Rick Rupp a tractor so we can branch out to Munda and surrounding remote Islands and provide entire villages, schools, Churches, and Hospitals with clean water wells.

On the 4th of July 2015 I shared this prayer and vision at a city wide gathering of Christians in Adelaide, Australia. God moved on the hearts of the people in that meeting and funds were raised to buy the tractor & well drilling materials to build more wells in the Solomon Islands. Plus Hydra Fab inc donated the PTO driven well drill rig!

In January of 2016 our Tractor Well Drilling Rig arrived into the Solomon Islands but sat idle in storage for 3 months because we had no money to purchase materials etc for installing any water wells.

March 18, 2016 a family sowed a $5,000.00 gift to CW4L including a challenge to everyone to give in hopes that we would have $10,000.00 by April 17 to use to purchase materials and supplies for our Munda Water Well Projects. And Praise the Lord we hit that $10,000.00 goal a week early!

In June of 2016 a 5 minute video was "donated" by an Australian Film Company to share our CW4L vision. Things began to shift and more resources started to come in. (The link to this informative video is provided below)

In July & August of 2016 myself and the Fa'arau Well drilling team went to Munda, Solomon Islands and installed 15 water wells in and around Munda. The Fa'arau team returned home after running out of well drilling materials on Sept 15, but they left the tractor and equipment in Munda because of the great need for more clean drinking water wells.

On Sept 24, 2016 the Fa'arau Well drilling team has now returned to Munda with materials to install another 15 water wells.

CW4L now only needs $18,000.00 - $20,000.00 more by years end to complete the financial milestone needed to provide a total of 50 water wells installed for the poor and needy people who currently fetch water either from rivers or shallow hand dug water pits. At times I have doubted God and He always forgives my unbelief and uses me in spite of all my shortcomings. This I know. "A broken and a contrite God will not despise" In fact, may I be so bold as to declare that God only uses broken things?

I think it's pretty cool that 30 men in the village of Fa'arau now for the first time in there lives have a job and can earn a living. We trained 12 men the art of installing water wells. We trained 12 more men how to make cement blocks with the machine we sent in 2014. We trained 6 men how to use power tools and I wish you could come see the 40ft X 60ft Orphan/Visitor House these men are building in Fa'arau, Solomon Islands!

I purposely left the photo's attached because each picture really is a miracle of God's love and provision for the poor and needy!

I have lots more testimonies of miracles! Please consider inviting me to come share at your Business, Church, Home Group, or House of Prayer. I have a great slide show with lots of exciting pictures and God stories! In fact I'm planning a 2 week ministry trip to Ohio, Michigan, and Manitoba in November to share my "Fruit Report" Solomon Islands slide show. So contact me if you are interested ok?

I continue to pray and declare Philippians 4:19 expecting God will supply the funding for water wells on the Island of Bellona (7 wells), Savo (3 wells), Malaita (10 -15 wells) and Guadalcanal (15-20 wells) after we finish up our 30 wells in our Munda Project! It's justice that we would do this together!

So on behalf of the approx 2500 people who now are now drinking clean water due to our 2016 Solomon Islands Munda Project in July & August may I say "Thank you!" CW4L partners who prayed and sacrificially partnered in the sowing of finances.. and may God richly bless you!

Go Online and donate today!

Click here to view the complete information and video.

Join me in contending for another $20,000.00 by years end as we want to help as many villages & schools as possible! Our water well projects will be evangelistic and so I'm needing lots of prayer coverage and lots of finances. Please don't even think that your $10.00 or $20.00 gift is too small. We need small, medium, and large contributions.  Please pray, listen to this video and give as the Holy Spirit directs you. I really believe several people this week will sow the full amount needed for one complete water well project!   

Here is the Online link for the Australian House of Prayer for All Nations tax deductible contributions.

If you would like to become a monthly partner, you may do so Online at
myIHOPKC giving e-link (IHOPKC giving  eGiving Code RR587249 ) or mailing a check to my home address made out to the National Christian Foundation. (Put Acct # 1121806 on memo) or via Paypal.

To help fund a well project: Make check payable to National Christian Foundation, in the memo write Acct # 1121806

Mail checks to:
National Christian Foundation,
11625 Rainwater Drive Suite 500, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Thank you partners for praying and sowing!

This link explains our GOALS FOR 2018 in the Solomon Islands.

If you are interested in joining me for a future trip to the Solomon Islands, contact me via our contact page! Thank you!

Please contact me if you are interested in having me come share my "Islands Slide Show Presentation." I promise anyone hearing these many wonderful testimonies of answered prayer, and listening to Fa'arau House of Prayer as they sing and worship Jesus will be deeply inspired!


September 25, 2016
Always Laboring Fervently & Solomon Islands report w/photo's
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