Dear friends, based on the information that the Coronavirus is restricting public meetings in America we feel it is neccessary to postpone our March / April trip to the USA. We are coming later this year and after we make our new travel dates we will then let everyone know the new trip dates! At this point we are not effected by the coronavirus here in the Solomon Islands! Grace and I are standing in the gap and holding you all up in our prayers! We shall continue to provide clean drinking water and share the love of Jesus here in the Solomon Islands! We thank God for His sending us to live and labor here in the Solomon Islands! Each of you are very precious to us! Thank you for understanding! 

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A few days ago on March 2, I took Benjamin Troyer & Nick Rima back to the airport in Honiara and said good bye! I enjoyed every minute of their time here in the Solomon Islands! They spent 3 weeks serving Clean Water 4 Life & our YWAM base plus 2 weeks serving at the Fa'arau House of Prayer! While here I took them into the rural bush villages to experience what it is like to survey villages in need of a CW4L water well. I took them to watch and help our drilling team at several of our well drilling sites! They attended several handing over services and got to witness the the power of the gospel touching and changing lives and taste the nice fresh water flowing from our wells! Benjamin drew up plans and made me a list of materials needed to build a roof extension 16 feet X 40 feet which connected to our existing 40 foot storage container plus he and our CW4L boys built a 16 foot X 16 foot sleeping room. He also cut into our metal container and worked hard with our CW4L boys to install a double door located on the side of our 40 foot container. As we expand our well drilling ministry these were items that I needed someone with special skills to help us with. So thank you Benjamin & Nick for sowing into our ministry! 

As I write this newsletter I am deeply touched again with the DESPERATE need for CW4L to continue providing schools, clinics, churches, and villages with a source of fresh clean drinking water. I face many challenges but through fervent prayer and faith in Jesus Christ, I press on! Currently, we have 2 teams installing wells on two different Islands. Our Malaita well drilling team has completed 5 successful projects and our Guadalcanal team has completed 20 successful projects! We have enough funding to continue for approx 3 more weeks. Obviously, I am praying for the much-needed funding! As you know in 2019 we provided 180 water wells here in the Solomon Islands. Remember that we did not start until the end of April last year. So my dream to sink 200 water wells in 2020 is very doable! Today I am flying to Santa Isabel Island to do surveys for schools and villages needing water. Recently I spent 5 days surveying in Makira Province and once funded we will send two teams because we have 77 needing a clean source of drinking water. And there are other wards in this Makira Province requesting I come to do more surveys so I'm certain that their will be many more needing our ministry to come to sink them a well too!  

I conclude this newsletter by sharing with you the profound impact our Clean Water 4 Life ministry is having by partnering with YWAM and by working together. CW4L recently provided a 14 meter well at the King George VI National High School, here in Honiara. The school administrator asked me to take samples from their existing water catchment tanks and a second sample from the schools existing 20-year-old water well to the Lab for testing. The school told me that the students were primarily drinking from the water catchment tanks because they suspected the well water was unfit for drinking. The Lab tech informed me that both the older existing well and the water in the tanks were neither safe for drinking. In fact, they explained to me that the contamination level was actually much worse in the rainwater catchment tanks.

So last week our YWAM Solar Team installed a solar pump and using black poly pipes we now are filling the existing water tanks with safe clean water from the new water well we installed! Wow, this is just one example of the major impact that CW4L & YWAM working together is having! Our YWAM team will soon be building /installing a large 20,000-liter cement tank behind the King George School up on top of a hill which will be filled from the new CW4L well via the new YWAM solar pump and then by gravity send this clean water to solve a long-standing problem for these 700 students plus teachers! Thank YOU, Jesus!

It may seem like a broken record repeating over and over but literally hundreds of times I'm told by village elders and community leaders that never in the history of the Solomon Islands has there ever been a ministry like Clean Water 4 Life. Yesterday an elder in a village shook my hand and said "Thank you!" we have suffered for 40 plus years and now your ministry has solved our crisis for a source of clean drinking water! Come visit us and I'll drive you into the bush to see for yourself!!

One of the reasons why we've moved here to give hands on leadership to our Clean Water 4 Life water well ministry! Here again is a 2-minute video which expresses our goals over the next 5 years! Here is the Youtube link if you've not viewed it. (There is a separate video for Australian's) Here is the Australian link.

Vision for the Solomon Islands

God has called us to lead many in prayer and help bring justice to the poor. Over the next five years, we want to see YWAM missionary bases and 24/7 Houses of Prayer established in every province of the Solomon Islands. Our move also allows us to give hands-on leadership to our Clean Water 4 Life ministry. We believe everyone deserves a cup of clean drinking water and it is our desire to end the drinking water crisis in the Solomon Islands by installing 1,000 more water wells for those in need of clean drinking water. Already, our historic work has enabled 40,000 people to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water from our water-well ministry run by indigenous Solomon Islanders. It is our deep conviction that God will make a way for the remaining 300,000 Solomon Islanders to also enjoy clean drinking water.

YES! I Want to Help Sponsor a "Clean Water 4 Life" Well

The cost for a water well for an entire village, a school, a church, or a clinic is $3,000 US. You can sponsor part of a well, the whole thing, or multiple wells!

Online giving - Simply click HERE and fill out the form to make a one-time or recurring gift. Giving is done securely through the National Christian Foundation. Check - Make payable to "National Christian Foundation" and write "ID:1121806" in the memo. (This note in the memo field is very important so that the funds get credited to the Clean Water 4 Life account.) Mail to National Christian Foundation 11625 Rainwater Drive, Suite 500, Alpharetta, GA 30009.

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Two testimonies from those who have read my book: "I've known Rick for more than 15 years, and have prayed/walked with him through many of the miracles described here. He's the real deal, folks! By paying the price in the prayer room, he has emerged a marketplace prayer guy who listens carefully for God's Voice and then presses in until he sees the victory. You will be incredibly blessed by all these God stories. It's an easy read. Be prepared to be shocked and amazed at what you find in these pages, and allow it to build your faith so you can accomplish great things for the Kingdom."

"Rick has been an elder at our church for years. We have watched & prayed with him about these trips (to the South Pacific). What miracles we have seen through him! God has done some amazing things through Rick's Yes!! Wow! We are blessed to call him our friend, and that we have been able to partner with him through this journey! I am so happy he has written these things in a book for everyone to enjoy and for them to see what God can do with our Yes!! Thanks Rick! We love you and love your book! What a blessing!"

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