Dear friends, I have such an AMAZING wife! It's not been an easy transition moving from the comforts of the USA to our new home in the Solomon Islands. For the first 6 months my darling wife did our washing by hand. She has had some arthritis pain in her hands and doing our laundry in cold water has not been easy. Many times I would help her with wringing out our towels because it was just too much pain. Recently (after 6 months of living here) I purchased a small washing machine which has helped her a bunch.

She also worked mostly by herself to totally screen our front porch which was a huge undertaking! And now all of our windows have screens too! For the past few weeks the bugs and Mosquitoes are no longer attacking us! Grace has turned our little YWAM house into a very nice home away from home!

One more brag on Grace! Together we drove 3 1/2 hours west of Honiara to Lambi High School to do a CW4L water well survey. After the survey we drove a bit further west to check on a young lady who Dr Grace had visited and doctored on several trips the previous month. We were so happy and excited to see this young lady healed and functioning again! The girl had had cancer with open sores seeping. So here's how God uses Grace even more!

We are asked to visit a dying 20 year old boy in a village hut within walking distance. We find Gasper lying in bed with a nasty tumor the size of a volleyball on his leg. We ask a few questions and discover that he was sent home from the Hospital with incurable bone cancer. So Grace gives the family some medical tips for caring for Garth including proper cleaning of the open wound. Both Grace and I shared with Gasper that we are Christian missionaries and how much Jesus loves him. After praying we drive back home which includes crossing 5 streams / small rivers without any bridge. I'm glad I drive a 4 wheel drive Hilux!

The next morning Grace informs me that I must cancel all of my CW4L surveys and that we must drive back to witness to Gasper because he is not a Christian and his time is short. Shortly after arriving I ask if anyone can help with interpretation. Thank God there was a family member available. After a short message about Jesus and about His kindness. I asked Gasper if he would like to say "sorry" for his sins and invite Jesus Christ into his heart. He said yes! I simply had him pray for mercy and salvation which he did and the 15 plus family members rejoiced when I welcomed him into the family of God! We also prayed for a miracle healing which is his only hope. My point in sharing this, is for you to see how God is using Grace! She insisted that moving to the Solomon Islands was partly so this boy could be saved and she was right!

Speaking of souls coming to Christ I want to report that another 45 - 50 people responded to my preaching in September and either were saved or rededicated their lives to following Jesus! In September we had one week where our combined 4 CW4L drilling teams completed 12 water wells! As a ministry since 2016 we now have completed 300 water wells in the Solomon Islands. As of writing this report our 2019 total installed water wells is at 59. That means approx 10,000 Solomon Islanders are drinking fresh clean drinking water from these 59 completed wells! If we had the funding we could sink another 59. Unfortunately we are weeks away from depleting our funds. I believe in miracles! I believe Grace and I are in the center of God's will. I believe we will see the financial breakthrough any day!

One final story! On September 19th we were installing a CW4L well for Bubuthoa. I arrived just as our drill team was putting the mud pump suction fitting down into the well to both clean it and test it for how quickly it recharges. After priming the mud pump the water from inside their water well started flowing and shooting out the end of the hose! Even with the mud pump running at full speed the water kept flowing! About 15 -20 of the villagers were standing in amazement at the site! Then suddenly a lady started dancing and both young and old clapped their hands and gave up a shout of praise at the beautiful sight of so much clean water! After 20 years of fetching their water from the river Bubuthoa now has a safe, clean source of drinking water! WOW! God is good!

One of the reasons why we've moved here to give hands on leadership to our Clean Water 4 Life water well ministry! Here again is a 2-minute video which expresses our goals over the next 5 years! Here is the Youtube link if you've not viewed it. (There is a separate video for Australian's) Here is the Australian link.

Our goal is to sink 200 water wells in 2019. The cost to sponsor a water well for an entire village, a school, a church, or a clinic is $3000.00. All gifts are tax deductible. Online giving link. If you prefer to mail a check, then make check payable to: National Christian Foundation In the memo write ID: 1121806 (This note in the memo is very important so NCF Ohio knows which fund to apply the donation to!) Mail Checks to: NCF 11625 Rainwater Drive, Suite 500, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Thank you for partnering with us in the Solomon Islands!

- Rick and Grace Rupp

Vision for the Solomon Islands

God has called us to lead many in prayer and help bring justice to the poor. Over the next five years, we want to see YWAM missionary bases and 24/7 Houses of Prayer established in every province of the Solomon Islands. Our move also allows us to give hands-on leadership to our Clean Water 4 Life ministry. We believe everyone deserves a cup of clean drinking water and it is our desire to end the drinking water crisis in the Solomon Islands by installing 1,000 more water wells for those in need of clean drinking water. Already, our historic work has enabled 40,000 people to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water from our water-well ministry run by indigenous Solomon Islanders. It is our deep conviction that God will make a way for the remaining 300,000 Solomon Islanders to also enjoy clean drinking water.

YES! I Want to Help Sponsor a "Clean Water 4 Life" Well

The cost for a water well for an entire village, a school, a church, or a clinic is $3,000 US. You can sponsor part of a well, the whole thing, or multiple wells!

Online giving - Simply click HERE and fill out the form to make a one-time or recurring gift. Giving is done securely through the National Christian Foundation. Check - Make payable to "National Christian Foundation" and write "ID:1121806" in the memo. (This note in the memo field is very important so that the funds get credited to the Clean Water 4 Life account.) Mail to National Christian Foundation 11625 Rainwater Drive, Suite 500, Alpharetta, GA 30009.

How to Give to Rick & Grace Rupp’s Ministry

Non tax-deductible donations - This option ensures that 100% of your donation goes to support us and our ministry. If you do not itemize your tax return or otherwise do not need a tax deduction, this is the best way to support our ministry. (US law allows a person to receive up to $15,000 annually, tax-free, from a donor with no cap on the number of donors.)

  • PayPal - Donations can be made to Choose the “No fee” option (i.e. Sending to a friend).
  • Check - Checks should be made out to Rick Rupp and mailed to Rick’s daughter who will deposit them on behalf of Rick and Grace. Mail to: Nicole Williams 2235 SW Prairie Rd Topeka, KS 66614
Tax-deductible donations - We pay state and federal taxes, as well as 15.3% self-employment taxes on these donations.  We also pay roughly a 7% processing fee to YWAM to cover the staff and infrastructure to process our donations. If you itemize your tax return or otherwise require a tax deduction, this is the option for you.
  • Online Bill Pay - You may use your bank’s online bill pay option to have an amount automatically debited on a recurring schedule. Donations should be made to “Youth With A Mission” and sent to 4444 Edgar Park Avenue, El Paso, TX 79904. Designate the donation for us by putting “MS - Richard Rupp” in the Account field.

  • Check - Make payable to “YWAM” and mail to 4444 Edgar Park Avenue, El Paso, TX 79904. Please include a separate note with “MS - Richard Rupp” on it to designate it to our account. Please do not include our names anywhere on the face of the check as that disqualifies it for a tax deductible receipt and it will be returned to you.

  • YWAM website - You may also give online with at YWAM’s website using a debit/credit card or ACH withdrawal. Please note that we are charged a 4% fee for use of this service. Go to the YWAM El Paso-Juarez website at and click on Donate in the upper right hand corner. Follow the directions at EasyTithe to complete your donation. Please be sure to include “Richard Rupp” in the comments to designate the donation.

Two testimonies from those who have read my book: "I've known Rick for more than 15 years, and have prayed/walked with him through many of the miracles described here. He's the real deal, folks! By paying the price in the prayer room, he has emerged a marketplace prayer guy who listens carefully for God's Voice and then presses in until he sees the victory. You will be incredibly blessed by all these God stories. It's an easy read. Be prepared to be shocked and amazed at what you find in these pages, and allow it to build your faith so you can accomplish great things for the Kingdom."

"Rick has been an elder at our church for years. We have watched & prayed with him about these trips (to the South Pacific). What miracles we have seen through him! God has done some amazing things through Rick's Yes!! Wow! We are blessed to call him our friend, and that we have been able to partner with him through this journey! I am so happy he has written these things in a book for everyone to enjoy and for them to see what God can do with our Yes!! Thanks Rick! We love you and love your book! What a blessing!"

The Rupp Report - September 2019 Update
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