Grace and I wish to thank God and thank everyone who partnered, prayed and sent funding for the construction of the Orphan/Visitor House over the past 7 years! Our vision is to provide refuge for widows and orphans. Also to rescue troubled youth who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and train them up to serve in the Fa'arau House of Prayer. This O/V House will be used to host conferences for Pastor's, Women's ministry, and youth group retreats. We have invited YWAM to use this facility when outreaching on the Island of Malaita. We also believe international intercessors will come to serve the Fa'arau House of Prayer for extended externships! (see first photo)

Our Solomon Islands vision is to establish more House's of Prayer, and sink 1000 more water well projects! Everyone deserves to drink clean water! We want to empower and train more locals who have never had a job by adding another concrete block making businesses, a bottled water business, and start some chicken houses, some piggeries, and some cattle projects. The need for jobs is great! The need for clean drinking water is great! Thus thousands of children can for the first time in their lives have clean drinking water in villages where there is NO electricity or running water!

Grace and I on December 10, 2017 attended the Orphan/Visitor House dedication and opening!

Recent photo of the Fa'arau House of Prayer known as Fa'HOP Mission Base. In 2008 on my first trip God spoke to me. He said, "Rick, if you help them build a bridge in the natural, I will build a bridge in the Spirit and birth a 24/7 HOP right here in the jungle village of Fa'arau", Solomon Islands. My point is that all of our Solomon Islands ministry projects came forth by God speaking to us from the place of prayer. First God established this 24/7 House of Prayer and then all these things were added. (Matthew 6:33)

One of our tractor well drilling rigs on a small landing craft. We now have two tractor well drilling rigs and two team's installing water wells on many different remote Islands. Our tractor's can navigate on these remote Islands which do not have any roads (just walking trails). With funding our two tractors are capable of providing 150 or more water wells in 2018. Please ask God how He would have you to partner with Clean Water 4 Life. Together we are bringing both the Good News of Jesus Christ and helping people obtain clean drinking water for the first time in their lives! What we are doing is truly HISTORIC! Jesus said if we give them a cup of cold water in His name that we will not lose our reward! Matthew 10:42

This child is drinking the only source of clean water on this remote Island. There are still 350,000 people in the Solomon Islands without a source of clean water. It costs $2500.00 US ($3,000.00 AU) to sponsor one well for a village, school, or clinic. For many of us it is hard to imagine that there are still people that do not have access to clean drinking water. One water well provides clean sanitary water for an average of 250 persons.

Australian tax deductible gifts can be made via Mission World Aid: Each donation of $3000.00 AU will sponsor one well. BSB: 105079 Account # 040615340 "marked": Clean Water 4 Life Solomon Islands: Further queries: Australian House of Prayer: Phone: (08) 8370 1256,

USA tax deductible gifts can be made by mailing a check to the National Christian Foundation. Each donation of $2500.00 US will sponsor one well. Please include on the memo of your check account #1121806. Mail too: 11625 Rainwater Drive Suite #500 Alpharetta, GA 30009. There is no limit to the impact of our ministry as we provide both clean drinking water and - even more importantly- the Living Water through the preaching of the Good News! Everyone deserves to drink clean water! Your monthly gift of $5, $10, $50, $100, $200 or $___ will help us in our goal of reaching the isolated and changing their lives. Please click here and make your recurring donation now.

Our tractor well drilling rig installing a 50 foot deep water well on Nusa Rovianna. An 80 year old man shared with me that for decades he had been praying that God would rescue his village and provide them clean drinking water. With tears in his eyes he shared that it was the US soldiers that showed up on his Islands when he was 5 years old to rescue them from the Japanese in WW2. Next he said, now another man from the USA shows up on his Island from a prayer room in Kansas City to rescue them from drinking the brackish water from the open shallow hand dug pits.

December 10, 2017 ground breaking ceremony for a new 80 ft X 120 ft Church/House of Prayer. Here we go again by faith! We need to raise $100,000.00 US to build this new House of Prayer! Could your Church, Business, or House of Prayer contribute any amount towards the 10,000 bags of cement needed to pour the foundation and pour the concrete floor? Or could your Church, Business, or House of Prayer send a team to help with the foundation and concrete pouring this fall? Each $10.00 US gift will purchase one bag of cement. Contact me to arrange a fund raiser and/or a fall trip to pour concrete! Click here for USA tax deductible gifts.

This is stage one the new bottled water business inside the Orphan/Visitor House! We believe that God has called His Church to preach the Gospel to all Nations, to especially remember the poor, and to minister to their needs through sacrificial giving and practical service like medical clinic's and clean water wells, cement block business's and now a bottled water business in Fa'arau, Solomon Islands. This is a $30,000.00 (7 stage) filter system which now provides Fa'arau with the first bottled drinking water business on the Island of Malaita. We are praying for funds to provide Fa'arau with a machine to label and shrink wrap plastic bottles to begin selling cases of bottled water to the local shops in Auki. To complete this new business another $30,000.00 US is now needed to purchase the remaining equipment needed! So please contact me about this business opportunity! For clarity the people in Fa'arau and anyone staying in the Orphan/Visitor House will enjoy this purified drinking water free!

The new filtered bottled water is already being used. It was so amazing to watch locals come with there bottles to obtain this filtered drinking water!

My beloved wife Grace using her skills as a USA licensed Acupuncture Doctor to help approx 65 - 70 people who visited her "Free for the Poor" clinic during our Dec 2017 ministry trip. Watching Grace in her element was such a highlight for me! We had many testimonies of people being healed too! One young lady was cured of severe migraine headaches. One old women could not lift her arms above her head to worship because of severe shoulder pain. But that changed after Dr Grace gave her a treatment. I saw with my own eyes as this old woman regained her ability to raise both arms fully extended above her head. I heard her voice shout and give God glory and praise for this healing too! Contact me if you are a doctor or a nurse desiring to join us on one of our 2 week medical ministry trips!

Elson Lagani (pictured above holding one of the village's babies) a 20 year old worship leader from the Fa'arau House of Prayer. Elson needs $6,000.00 in order to attend the July - December 2019 One Thing Internship here at IHOPKC. The funds for obtaining the round trip airfare has been provided. So I'm praying for a $6,000.00 US miracle! In fact for every person that makes a $100.00 donation towards Elson's internship, I will send a copy of my new book "Walk With God"! I would love to see 60 of you send $100.00 this month! Elson feels this training will prepare him to become a leader of the youth in the Solomon Islands!

This is the concrete block making business that was established in 2014 and is still ongoing. Fa'arau is the only concrete block making business on the Island of Malaita! We would like to send a second concrete block machine to the Solomon Islands in 2018. We also would like to send a backhoe attachment for the 49 hp tractor so we could start a septic system business (not pictured). Current price of purchasing a new concrete block making machine is $8,000.00 US. plus cost of shipping.

Maybe someone reading this email has a good used 35 - 50 hp tractor? We would love to send a 3rd tractor to the Solomon Islands in 2018. Or a new tractor well drilling rig will cost $45,000.00 US. Maybe you have a 4 wheel drive truck? We would love to send the Fa'arau Well drilling team a good 4 wheel drive truck in 2018. A good used truck can be purchased locally in Honiara for $20,000.00 US Contact me about either of these needs!

Our vision for 2018 is to raise $375,000.00 in order to install 150 or more water wells in the Solomon Islands. We want to raise an additional $250,000.00 to expand and help the poor in the neighboring nation of Vanuatu. Once we are funded we will purchase well drilling materials and then send the Fa'arau Well Drilling Team to branch out to rescue many more villages desperate for clean drinking water. Here is a BIG prayer request.... We really need a landing craft type boat to transport our well drilling tractor, team, and equipment! Price for landing craft boat is $500,000.00 - 1 million US

Please contact me if you are interested in having me come share my "Islands Slide Show Presentation" click (five minute teaser). I promise anyone hearing these wonderful testimonies of answered prayers, and listening to Fa'arau House of Prayer as they sing and worship Jesus will be deeply inspired!

What a beautiful transformation is taking place in Fa'arau, Solomon Islands! First God established His 24/7 House of Prayer back in 2009! Now we have established a Orphan/Visitor House as a place of refuge. Now we have Intercessors/Concrete Block Makers/Lumberjacks/Construction Teams/Well Drillers/ and a bottled water business! Contact me if you have another business idea!

Thank you partners! Together we are empowering the poor and oppressed. Together we are furthering the kingdom of God in these South Pacific Islands!



Leviticus 6:12 The Fire on the altar shall never go out!

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